[Fragment 27, 27b]

A.E.M. Baumann

© 2018



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Not wholly unexpected this woman creature

mystic thing passage question come out of the waves

(like the curling of the surf her body about itself

like undertow          like fine sand shifting)

to straighten the towel’s edge and sit beside him

crossed legs gathering sand          leonine delta likewise

hair like papyrus scrolls          pale grey eyes

the ocean’s scent carried lusty and embracing

sea water dripping at many points

“Are you sure you want to do this thing?”

Not birthed by but walked out of the water

made known out of the moon-stroked and moaning sea

to crouch on her haunches          taut thighs gathering sand

landborne breezes tugging small curls of hair

body flushed for the wanton fingers of the fire

(It is not unseen that her back arches

that her chest inches forward

how she adjusts her legs)

“You can not know what lies ahead,

and once asked is asked.”

Firepit marks the tide

where parallel to sea meets sky

smooth sand shouldered

by the ocean’s detritus and the teasing sea

“This, then, will bring me to Thebes?”