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Bathe the Adored as the three days and nights previous. Dry Her with virgin wool that has never met water or person. Anoint Her body in perfume of rosemary. Then carry Her to the chamber of the Ceremony so that Her body does not touch anything but the sorcerer.

tota pulchra es amica mea et macula non est in te

[Though the ceremony is begun, the Adored is yet pre-eminent. At no time should the Adored be beneath the sorcerer in will or stature. If the Adored takes offense in the cloak of your garments, remove them.]


Lay the Adored upon the Circled Bed, and let Her become comfortable upon it. Around the Bed, at each point of the compass, inscribe a smaller circle with the sickle of the Art. Write the four Names of God the Most Holy One, AL, IH, AGLA, ADNI, in the circles to the East, West, South, and North, respectively, lighting in each a red candle and saying:– Behold these Symbols and Names of the Creator God. Bless us with the Virtue of these Holy Names and by these Mysteries of Mysteries. Light eleven yellow candles in a circle about the bed, saying:– We enter into this circle by the entrance of Devotion and Adoration. Let all Demons who may oppose us or cause us confusion flee this place, and let the Angels of Peace assist and protect us.

Conjuring the Being of the Demiurge

Artisan God, Who by Your infinite Wisdom created the Heavens, the earth and the sea, and all that is visible and invisible, have mercy upon me. Direct me and deliver me from my own ignorance. Enlighten me with the Vision of your Art, and fill me with the Will and Need of Creation. Grant me an understanding, penetrating, and subtle heart that I may comprehend the technique of your making; give me strength of memory to retain all that is revealed, so that I may accomplish my desires, and understand and learn the Secret Forms of Nature and comprehend the Hidden Secrets of Being. Give me Virtue to conceive them, and the Vision to Create them anew.

All Powerful and Merciful God, to Whom nothing is hidden or impossible, know that I perform this work in accordance to your own Being as it resides in me, to know and understand the Being of all things, seen and unseen. Look favorably upon me, I perform this work