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This merely lists the places in the text where the Phoenix Park incident is described (or is possibly described) within the text. This is not a list of every reference (which would be half the book); I am concentrating on fuller descriptions. I had only passing commentary.

Chapter 1.1



His howd feeled heavy, his hoddit did
shake. (There was a wall of course in erection) Dimb! He stot-
tered from the latter. Damb! he was dud. Dumb! Mastabatoom,
mastabadtomm, when a mon merries his lute is all long. For
whole the world to see.
— Here the Park event is pointed toward masturbation.


His clay feet, swarded in verdigrass,
stick up starck where he last fellonem, by the mund of the maga-
zine wall, where our maggy seen all, with her sisterin shawl.
While over against this belles' alliance beyind Ill Sixty, ollol-
lowed ill! bagsides of the fort, bom, tarabom, tarabom, lurk the
ombushes, the site of the lyffing-in-wait of the upjock and hock-
— Of interest are the two puns: "mund" is "mouth" in German, and "fellonem" puns on "fellatio."

8.27-32 (in the Museyroom)

This is the jinnies with their legahorns feinting to read in their
handmade's book of stralegy while making their war undisides
the Willingdone. The jinnies is a cooin her hand and the jinnies is
a ravin her hair and the Willingdone git the band up. This is big
Willingdone mormorial tallowscoop Wounderworker obscides
on the flanks of the jinnies. Sexcaliber hrosspower. Tip.
— In truth, I am not sure if this refers to Phoenix Park specifically or indirectly, or only to Issy, or to both. I read the "jinnies" within the Wake as being both young, attractive women in general; though here it could refer to Issy and, both by extension and within context, the girls at the orphanage.


Cry not yet! There's many a smile to Nondum, with sytty
maids per man, sir, and the park's so dark by kindlelight. But
look what you have in your handself! The movibles are scrawl-
ing in motions, marching, all of them ago, in pitpat and zingzang
for every busy eerie whig's a bit of a torytale to tell. One's upon
a thyme and two's behind their lettice leap and three's among the
strubbely beds. And the chicks picked their teeths and the domb-
key he begay began. You can ask your ass if he believes it. And
so cuddy me only wallops have heels. That one of a wife with
folty barnets.
— Expands out to the full main cast, including Kate, the male servant, and even the ass.