Site Credits

Unless otherwise specified, all content © A.E.M. Baumann.

Site Design:

is my own work, the site of my own self-instruction (or should I say play) in web design. To give a worthy plug, I used Jennifer Niederst Robbins's book Learning Web Design to re-teach myself HTML/CSS. (It had been a long time since I had played HTML, I tell you. Much had changed.) Very useful book; though, if you are absolutely new to web design you might want to find a friend who can help explain those occasional points where she assumes the reader undertands more than the reader actually does.

Site Fonts:

  • The font for the dates on the Literary Timeline is Scada, by Jovanny Lemonad, courtesy of Google Web Fonts.
  • Other fonts are from WordPerfect font collections over the years, or other collections purchased here and there (and very long ago).


Currently, all graphics are either created by myself, modified from images found on the web by myself, or are from the graphics package one used to get with WordPerfect. (Do you still? I don't know.)

The Myth and Religion drawer tag was made by Covington.

Gallery JavaScript and image:

The script and markup for the carousel for the gallery pages provided by Jan Sorgalla, from his "jCarousel" site. The primary graphics of the site is a rather frequently used image (or example, here (which I could not trace back to an original sourse).

Browser Compatibility:

This site was designed to work with Chrome. I occasionally use Firefox, and have never found an issue. While in the future I will probably make effort to check it against other browsers, currently you're out of luck. (Though, in truth, there is little if anything that would cause problems.)