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  • Critique: Joel Feinberg's Offense to Others (Noble Blasphemy, Part II)
    – July 10, 2014

    An essay on the Feinberg's book arguing for the legitimatization for criminalizing offense to others. Originally conceived as an practical, extension of the more theoretical presentation in "Noble Blasphemy." (here, in the The Aesthetic Drawer)

  • The Fallacy of the Righteousness of the Rule of Law
    – February 12, 2012

    An old, very short bit: my favorite law-oriented quotation, one that directly points to the oppressiveness of the idea of the "rule of law."

  • On The Fallacy of Rationalism in Economics and Law
    – September 19, 2012

    A bit from the defunct Tennyson blog.

  • Noble Blasphemy
    – February 18, 2013

    This is, perhaps, the most important essay I have written as regards my own system of thought on the aesthetic and the nomic: not in that it gave me new ideas, for most of this essay comes out of ideas already possessed; rather, in that it gave me the language to speak those ideas, a personal language, the langauge of the aesthetic, the nomic, and blasphemy. It is through writing this essay that the system of my thought came unto itself. As such, this, more than anything else I might put here, is the center of the project that is this site.