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Blood Creek (original title: Town Creek)

2009 (90 min) director: Joel Schumacher
written by: David Kajganich
starring: Henry Cavill, Emma Booth, Dominic Purcell

– some editing, Jan. 23, 2015

Apparently a budget film – though you would never know it for it never overextends itself. It is very worth watching for how the film sets up a situation and then utilizes that situation -– with plot, camera work – to its fullest. I have seen it called a variation on a vampire film, but in that the baddie is vampiric only ithat he feeds on blood, I find that rather spurious. He's more man-turned-demon than vampire. And I have to say that the means of the doom of the baddie is very contrived. Yes, in that the conecpt of the film is to isolate the characters and the viewer first within the fence of them farm and then within the house in the middle, the solution does have to come from within, rather than without. But, still, very contrived.

Beside that, however, a wonderful and skilled film. The camera work is very creative and very effective in creating the nature of the characters' containment. The story itself is very contained, setting its own reality, limiting that reality, and sticking to the rules of that reality all the way through the film. But, more, utilizing the rules of that reality in creating a wonderfully engaging experience, in story, in character, and in visual.

This may be less me trying to sell the film and more me pointing out what is fqscinating about the film, what there is to explore in the film's being, so I'll just repeat myself as a sell: definitely see this film. If it did not get much push from the distributers it is testament to how non-generic the film is. It is well worth the time, money, and will give you much to talk about after (and on subsequent viewings); plus, you short story people, much from which to learn.

It merits saying explicitly: I have read some all out negtive reviews of this film. Let it be officially said those people are dolts. Whatever its flaws, they are minor to the overall success.