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N.K. Jemisin: The Fifth Season

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– March 26, 2021

I actually got almost all the way through the book, about a hundred pages to go; but that is mostly because it took zero effort to read it. It has the density of talcum powder. And I am not a fast reader. It also helped in that there are all kinds of white space on the pages, so the book tricks you into thinking you have read more than you actually have. For its content I am guessing it is not meant for the YA crowd; but yet, for the level of writing I would have thought so. At least I was not pushing myself through boredom. I was interested in where the book was trying to go. Though, the book very much reads like it is trying to pad out a 250 page novel into three volumes. When it comes to it, even for the three story lines, very little happens. But, as said, not the densest tree in the woods.

I got to the geode city and found that completely stupid and stopped. It was a moment that rather made the rest of the book suddenly seem a little less intelligent as well. And so little happens. I mean, you have a whole plot line which, through the first book, takes two main characters out of the action and strands them on an island? O.K., that I had to push myself through. They no longer had a purpose to the storyline so I no longer understood why I was having to read about them. And the telling of them on the island was not in itself interesting enough to get by that obstacle. But, then, talcum powder.