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– newest added Jan. 17, 2015

Limericks of the normal sort and of my own making. Is there anything really that needs to be said beyond that?

Goofing on a theme; prompted by a FB post.


As natural wants lead the mule
A natural world works the fool;
And what pulled Quasi's will
To one light on a hill
Was that Es had not one bump but two.



I have half a thought of replacing "natural" with "empirical." But only half.

In an FB conversation about something literary I had started a comment and three paragraphs in realized I had completely forgotten where I was going. So I left it at that, with explanation, and the next day threw up these two. (Yes. World Cup reference.)


There once was a point to that writing —
Engaging and sporting (no biting),
But it's taken its leave
And has left me to grieve
At its untimely death.

When I started, that point had a clue. It
Was aimed to an end, trained and true. It's
Now not to be found, and
I'm fumbling around with
My di..aaaaaaoooooohhhhhh screw it.


After the above, FB acquantiance David tried his and at limericking (and others with him). This was my contribution to the party. (For reference: most of the first conversations on FB between David and myself had to do with eastern philosophies of poetics.)


Good David was trying his hand
At the beat of an oom pah (pah) band.
But he'd slap the one-twos
And the best he could do
With the threes was to clap with one hand.


Smoking Room Confidential,
or, Now Let Me Get This Straight


She skeptically laughed as she took a
Material drag on her Hookah.
"You cannot get drunk
Yet you call it all bunk
For it means you're deprived of a pooka???"


Ode On the Lunch What I Just Ate


Too much were those meatballs I ate,
so now I'm oppressed by their weight.
But there in their tuppers
They so begged to be supper:
And with meatballs, I'm quite obligate.

minor edits 7/8/2014



I knew a trapeezer named Lindy --
And no, she wasn't a Hindi.
An incurable flirt,
She'd swing in her skirt!
(At least, if it wasn't too windy.)



With Jane, open mikes dredged the well:
Her poetics she'd wantonly sell.
She'd spread wide her seams for
An aster's fourteener,
And scrawl for a hack's doggerel.