Kamikaze Quixx: A Variant

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Kamikaze Quixx: A Variant
– Aug. 24, 2022

Quixx is a simple but quite enjoyable little roll-and-write game for 2-5 players published by Gamewright; though, you can find the rules online easily enough.

The general idea of the game is you have four strings of numbers, 2-12, two ascending, two descending, in four different colors. You roll six dice that are one each for the colors and two white. Each turn you have to mark a number somewhere, using two dice, either one of the colored dice paired with one of the white dice, or the two white, or both. The hitch is that once you mark a number, you cannot go back and mark a number to the left. So you start not being able to mark a number and forfeiting. There are two ways to end the game: either someone forfeiting four times or by two of the colors being closed. The object is to score as high as possible by marking the most numbers you can. Not all the rules, there, but that is the gist. While the rules are readily available and it is easy enough to write 2-12 four times on a piece of paper, you do need the colored dice. The game is absolutely worth the ten dollars spent.

While it is not a complex game the way the rules work saves it from being overly based on chance. There is some thought to winning; there is also some risk taking. All in all, though, a conversational game, and in that every player can participate in every roll (anyone can mark what comes up on the white dice), there is no idle time while waiting your turn.

My elder daughter found the game, and it has the value in that with two players it is an enjoyable way to burn through half an hour waiting on something. Once while playing four players, my younger daughter tired of playing, and she decided to sabotage the game by trying to lose, and accidentally discovered what turned out a very fun variant:


Kamikaze Quixx

This is played with four or five players, and probably has to be. None of the core rules are changed. What is different is it is now a race. The person who is going last is the kamikaze. They are trying to end the game as fast as they can. The one restriction is if it is possible for them to mark a number then they must mark a number, they cannot simply choose to forfeit. An obviousness. Also, just like normal, they cannot take a 12 unless locking a color.

The game ends when the kamikaze crashes. After the game we put a lot of thought into writing victory conditions for the future. We came up with high score wins, unless no one has scored higher than 42, in which case the kamikaze wins. We have just played this once (mostly we play two players), so 42 is unplaytested. Though, scoring 42 takes two rows with five hits and two rows with three, and that seems just too easy. There are going to be at least five rounds of play, and with four players there are a lot of opportunities to score. So someone has to score above 42. Again, not playtested. It might need to be higher than 45. (It might need be 42 for four players, 45 or for five players or such.)

But, a fun variant. Speeds things up, and makes the risk taking all the higher. Do you grab points while you can? or do you gamble the kamikaze will survive another round? And, there is always something fun with someone trying to lose.


Give it a try. Let me know if you find the number should be higher.