• The Who of It

    Hatter's Cabinet is the personal site of A. E. M. Baumann: resident of the toehills of the mountains of northern Georgia; ponderer of things great and small; contemplator of literature and the arts; holder of degrees; player of games; manipulator of words; idolator of beauty.

  • The What of It

    This site is intended to be many things, but primarily a place for discussion of the the aesthetic and more specifically literary arts. In such, this will rather be something of an academic site, as what I am hoping to present here is not simply a portal, but a place where I may present my thoughts and considerations – and writings – on the aesthetic and the literary.

    I say academic; and, in that, much of this will be philosophical and theoretical that will be unavoidable. And that sentence is in part a lie: it is not unavoidable, it is intentional. But I am always open to try to explain, expound upon, or expand at request. Simply drop a line: you may be pointing out something very worth addressing – which I will always welcome.

  • The How of It

    I add content as I it comes around. My Poetry Daily Critique blog spurs some comment. As well, I have some older documents I wish to add to the site. To note, often new content on this site will be announced on the Hatter's Adversaria blog.

    Comments, engagements, offerings and submissions are welcome, and if of any substance, will be added to content, as though they were comments on a blog. So, feel free to email comments in that manner.

  • The State of It

    This site is and will ever be under construction, subject to change, rearrangement and overhaul. For, this is not only web presence, but a place of play, including playing in web design. So forgive the empty rooms, disfunctional light switches and not infrequent disarray. I will always let this site show its flaws, its not-quite-dones, its I'll-get-to-it-one-days.

  • The Future of It

    • to be a place where I can play around with web design
    • to be a place where I can share essays and other projects with people
    • to be a site dedicated to adding to the discourse on literature and aesthetics
    • to be a place where I can explore the possibility of future projects such as a web-zine on aesthetics and creative writing