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  • Analytical Thought and Myth: An Exploration of the Eternal Masculine and Eternal Feminine
    – Feb. 24, 2023
    originally posted to the Adversaria Jan. 23, 2023

    Exploration of the relationship between the ideas of the eternal feminine and eternal masculine and analytic philosophy. An adaptation from a Facebook conversation.

  • The G.K. Chesterton Society and Nietzsche
    – October 21, 2014

    A response to a video clip from the Chesterton Society program Apostle of Common Sense which engages (imaginatively) Nietzsche

  • Noble Blasphemy
    – February 18, 2013

    This is, perhaps, the most important essay I have written as regards my own system of thought on the aesthetic and the nomic: not in that it gave me new ideas, for most of this essay comes out of ideas already possessed; rather, in that it gave me the language to speak those ideas, a personal language, the langauge of the aesthetic, the nomic, and blasphemy. It is through writing this essay that the system of my thought came unto itself. As such, this, more than anything else I might put here, is the center of the project that is this site.

  • Observational Notes on Nomic Performance (or, Watching Crispies in Their Blinders)
    – February 12, 2013

    A discussion on the nature of nomic conversation (spawned by listening to two young men talkng religion in one of my Starbuckses). Includes exploring the pleasure of the nomic, and exploring how facts can function without the speakers being versed in its encompassing system of knowledge, or even without that system of knowledge at all.

  • On Christian Universalism
    – January 29, 2010

    And old bit from the defunct Tennyson blog, bouncing off of The Last Temptation of Christ.

  • Puritan Illusions
    – February 14, 2012

    Another from the Tennyson blog; a note on Christian pseudo-history.

  • A Twisty Look at Ensoulment
    – February 25, 2023
    first posted to Adversaria May 10, 2022

    An open exploration of the idea of ensoulment, as prompted by Biblical ideas.